Michele M. Krishnamurthy, founder and CEO of MMK Home & Design, always knew she had the gift of leaving a place a little more beautiful than she found it.

Combining her Bachelor of Science in interior design, a rich history of more than 20 years working with home improvement suppliers Home Depot and Lowes, and savvy instincts, she launched her own company in 2020, pursuing her passion for design as she delights homeowners.

“After a long career of working with various aspects of home design, from cabinetry, décor,and textiles, I’m finally bringing it all together to help clients make real their vision for their homes,” Michele says.

MMK Home & Design offers clients something special and often unique.

“We take the stress out by providing a one-stop shop,” explains Michele. “We work from design to selecting contractors and manage the process from start to finish. It’s unusual to find a designer with this approach! Clients can just relax and look forward to their newly renovated home.”

Michele’s unique background and skill set enable her to visualize, coordinate, and make spaces come to life, whether interior or exterior, large or small. She notes that MMK Home & Design can do every home project that people want to do, but don’t know how to start. With expertise in kitchen and bath design and installation, furniture curation, paint selection, flooring, exterior patio design, and staging for real estate agents, the team can execute any improvement plan.

“All my experiences have shaped me to become the designer I am today: agile, nimble, and able to make home dreams become reality.”

- Michele Krishnamurthy

“Design to me encompasses so many different things - functionality, space, color, light, shapes, texture, comfort, and so much more. All my experiences have shaped me to become the designer I am today: agile, nimble, and able to make home dreams become reality,” says Michele.

Her desire to create functional, beautiful spaces meant to enhance daily life is evident in the finishing touch she gifts each client: a custom floral arrangement she crafts herself.

“It’s the finishing touch: adding a natural accent that reflects their style,” Michele says. “I want my clients to feel confident that every detail was thought of and every element curated just for them, down to a floral welcome to their completed design space.”

How can your home be more beautiful and functional? Let’s schedule an in-home consultation.

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